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The Reese River Reveille was first published in Austin on May 16, 1863. Its fortune rose and fell with the mines and merchants of Austin. It ceased publication in 1993.

At times it was a weekly newspaper, and other times a daily. Nonetheless, its hardworking editors and publishers were among the leading newspapermen of the era. Some published highly referenced history books such as Myron Angel and his "1881 History of Nevada" while others published tall tales of Austin's everyday life, as in Fred Hart's "The Sazerac Lying Club (1871) and "The Town That Died Laughing" (1958) by Oscar Lewis.

The paper was a lively chronicle of a western town over a span of 130 years. The Reese River Reveille was revived in 2004 and is published quarterly in Austin once again. It blends stories from its rich archives with articles relating to current and historical events, adds a bit of humor, and provides a look into the restoration efforts in Austin and Central Nevada.

Reese River Reveille
PO Box 503
Austin, NV 89310
(775) 964-1100

email: reeseriverreveille @goaustinnevada.com

The revived Reveille is no longer in production
Back issues available: $4.00 each plus shipping

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